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    Seat Covers

    What are the best seat covers for a 2000 TJ Wrangler?

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    A lot depends on how much you want to spend. Quadratec has some nice ones tailored to specific models. When I bought my 2010 jk I bought some cheap covers at AutoZone that fit well.When they wore out I bought some nicer looking ones that don't fit all that great. When they wear out I'll either buy covers tailored to fit or maybe I'll be ready to leave the seats uncovered.

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    Re: Seat Covers

    I've got these from Smittybilt:

    My 2005 seats are different from yours, so dont' buy that exact model.

    I like the Neoprene seat covers, but that's really a personal preference thing - some people hate them.
    I had Wet Oakle, which was the best, but it's double the price of the Smittybilt. For the money, I'm very happy with Smittybilt. It's held up well (granted, I don't drive as much these days).
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    I got a set of rough country a year ago. They are 2 piece covers that have decent adjustment straps that clip together to lock in tight. I am pretty happy with them so far. Seat Covers-image1622557148.635234.jpg

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