1. Lightbulb 2017 GC least reliable?


    i couldnt find a Problem chat so I hope this will do.
    Im in the market for an SUV and am looking at a 2017 Grand Cherokee with 101,000 miles. I read an article from Motor Biscuit about transmission and other issues that warn readers to stay away from the 2017 in particular. Transmission problems are mentioned in several articles. Are you guys having these problems?

    The Least Reliable 2017 Midsize SUVs According to Consumer Reports

    Is it true that problems happen at about 100,000 miles? Im reading about 3 recalls. Im not towing anything so that one doesnt worry me-right now anyway.

    My last vehicle purchase was a 2011 Pilot 10 months ago which just went down in flames. $6500 and over $9000 in repair estimates from 2 shops. Basically I paid $5000 (cost - trade) to drive a Pilot Touring for 10 months. Id like to not make another expensive mistake. I am a recent widow with a son and cant have either of us getting stuck or paying more repair bills. I need this next vehicle to carry a kayak rack and be reliable for at last a few years. I had the Pilot checked out at a Honda dealer and will have the Grand Cherokee checked Monday.

    What do you experts think about the 2017 with 101,000 miles?

    I feel like I have Sucker written on my forehead that only car sales and service or repairmen can see.

    Thanks in advance,

    Exhausted with expensive vehicle meltdowns

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    2017 GC least reliable?

    Not sure where you read your info but i use KBB and Edmunds for vehicle reviews.
    Recall happen and that usually mrans they have s fix. You want to look at the number of TSBs. They are technical service bulletins.
    This contains some complaints with and without solutions.

    I take it you will be driving this daily on roads and hi-ways maybe a dirt road to drop the kayak off.

    Edit; Yeah Id read KBB, Edmunds and CR. I just did. Didnt seem that bad. But again I have not owned that year and model..,

    Being worst rated does not mean poor overall. But it did get you to read the article.

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