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Thread: Popping the ???

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    Well, the time has come where my girlfriend and I have decided to get married. We are going to look at rings on friday. I think I have come up with a pretty good way of asking. I was thinking about asking on her b-day in october, getting her a crappy gift that seems like it was last minute and didn't receive much thought. Obviously she would be disappointed, so to make up for it I would take her to a real nice dinner. I would act as if everything was normal, but at some point drop my fork on "accident" and ask away. I was wondering...those of you that are married, how did you ask. Thanks...Mikey[addsig]
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    I went into a local store and got a hot dog box and placed the ring in an empty roll in the box. Went back outside where my wife was talking with friends, opened the box, shut it, and started complaining about how the store put too much cheese on my chili dog. I acted like I was really ticked and asked her to go inside and get it fixed. She got a little mad at first but took the box and started to go inside. I urged her to look in the box to see what they did to my "hot dog", and when she did.....POW....she NEVER saw it coming.....didn't have a clue. So it wasn't the most romantic way but the element of surprise was a beautiful thing. She didn't even know that I was planning on asking her.

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    oh yeah another ??? about buying the rings. Do I figure out what she wants then go back and buy it without her knowing, or buy it with her there and then wait and ask when she isn't expecting it. Thanks...Mikey[addsig]
    Sold my 83 CJ7, Traded the '01 Dakota R/T for a 68 Chevy C10 with a 454, turbo 400 with 4.11 posi. Exxon/Mobil loves me. Looking for another CJ.

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    I picked out and bought the ring without her. She was extremely happy with what I got her. If you are close enough to want to get married then you should have an idea of her tastes. My suggestion is to TOTALLY surprise her and give her a ring that comes from your heart. She'll have her input when you get the wedding bands. 8-) [addsig]

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    Puppy Love will get you a Dogs Life! hehehehehe Good Luck I hope you have found one as good for you as Momma Tug is for me. There is nothing better! Momma tug says dont find one you can live with, find one you can not live without! tug[addsig]

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    That's a good quote from Tug. I bought my wife a ring that I chose. I cooked her dinner and when we were eating I got down on one knee and told her how I could not imagine my life without her, how much I loved her, etc., and asked her to marry me. [addsig]
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    :-D DEFINATELY buy the ring on your own. As the years have passed I can't count how many times I've heard "and he picked it out on his own, I was so impressed". That alone is worth more that gold.

    Since it sounds like she already knows that you are going to look - do just that - LOOK. Find out what shape she likes and a key point - what size ring to get, then on your own shop around. Don't just go to the mall, find some real jewelers and comparison price.

    Also do a little research find out what VSI stands for and color codes as well. Shopping for diamonds is like shopping for a lift kit. Each one is different and each has its own benefits. Know the terminology, weigh clarity vs. color vs. size. A little effort can and does have lasting effects.

    Hope this helps and I hope she likes your Jeep.

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    My wife and I we on vaction to visit her family in South Florida (West Palm)... We went out for dinner, drinks and dancing in South Beach one night... Well, I told her about a month before our trip, I never wanted to get married again (true at the time)... But, after meeting her family and having a wonderful time that night, I was feelin the love... So, after we left a resturaunt, we started walking... Spur of the moment, I stopped, got down on a knee... She thought my shoe was untied or something... I pulled MY ring off my finger, told her it was all I had, and asked her to marry me... Her reply: "YES!!! WHY??? ARE YOU DRUNK???"

    Come to find out, she was planning on breaking up with me when we returned from our trip... Apparently, she was upset that I never wanted to get married... Talk about a close call...[addsig]
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    I hope this counts concidering im the one who was proposed to. My husband pick my ring out himself and one day we were driving down the road (a very busy one I might add) and he stopped on the side saying there was something wrong with the car and got out to check it out. after a minute of putting around the outside of the car he came around to my door and got down on one knee in the dirt and asked the big question, as about a dozen people drove by honking their horns to the obvious that was going on. I was shocked. It will be 2 years in july, good luck to you........ ;-) [addsig]

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    Thought I might add that when looking for diamonds the lower the letter of colr the better (i.e. F is better than H). Also VSI is a better clarity than SI. When I bought my ring for the wife she HAD to be there. At the time she worked in the jewelry business and was the diamond expert at her store so there was no way I was going to screw up the ring b buying it myself. Just shop around and look for the best rock at the best price. We found a better deal at a store in the mall than what we could get at her store even with her discount, and it was a better stone to boot. hope this helps. -Chris[addsig]
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    That's awesome man. I asked my wife on her b-day too. I took her out to dinner and got her some silly gifts. One of them was a lunch box. I put the ring in there knowing she would open it up.

    As far as getting the ring, pick it out yourself. And don't fall into that trap of it costing "3 months salary" (Don't forget, you still have to buy wedding bands too). That was made up by DeBeers to get people to buy more than they could afford. Also, I'd stay away from the "Benbridge" type places (just my opinion). Try to find a nice family ran and local jeweler. Then when you go back, they should remember you and be more helpfull when it's time to choose bands.[addsig]

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    I also popped the question on her birthday so I wouldn't frget the date!
    I did that "sort of forgot thing," all of a sudden I took her to dinner at this super posh posh place in boston. After we went to a real peacful place on a lake and, I had her on the gift, and inside were two long white candles, I had put the ring on one of them, and covered it up with a bow.
    If you knew ween (the wife) you would understand the rest.
    I was sitting next to her at this point, and she opened it and was like "whats this" so I go into explaining that they were these love candles or something, she kinda knew at this point that is was BS, so I slipped the ring from under the bow, got down on one knee and popped it!
    Took about 2 minutes to get a answer.

    Good luck man

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    OH ya as for picking the ring, I had my mother show Ween her ring and ask some questions as to what she wanted, well I couldn't afford that so I did my best.

    Size is only relative it is more important to get perfect clearity and shape,and cut!
    I got her only a 1/2 carrot but that sucker is a perfect rock! we will add to it later in life![addsig]
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    Congrats, I asked my wife on her birthday, gave her a shoebox full of rocks, on the very bottom, was a beautiful ring, and 2 plane tickets to las vegas, she was ****ed at first when I told her I couldn't afford a b-day present, we were married 20 days later, we have been married for 12 years now, what a great woman to put up with me for this long. P.s. had a note in the box, "Will you marry me"?
    :-D :-D :-D 8-) 8-) 8-) [addsig]
    Still crazy after all these years !!!!!!

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    Had to steal 1 of her rings to get the size right, buy it on your own, scores major points. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) [addsig]
    Still crazy after all these years !!!!!!

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    I wish my wedding only cost $85.

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    The best deal you wil find will be through an actual diamond broker. Find a rock...then get it set in whatever pattern you like. You'll get a larger, better quality rock for the cash. Malls have an incredible monthly rent to pay...which is reflected in the prices. Good luck.[addsig]

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    Hey, thanks for all the posts on the topic, very helpful. I now know what style she wants. She was thinking white gold, but I only plan on doing this once, so I'm thinking about going platinum. 3 stone, round cut and I want to have it at 2 or 2 1/2 carot total weight with a low profile setting. We saw one that was amazing, though it was 4 carot total, she'd need a sling to hold it up, lol. That and I don't want someone knocking her over the head for it when she's out by herself, so 2 carot it is. With the round cut, it catches a lot of light and looks great. I have never been this excited about anything in my life. Now all I have to do is find time to go have it made. There's a jeweler not to far from me that'll do it for a good price with the best stones. I thought of another way to ask her. I know a guy a couple miles from here in an airport community that has a Cessna that'll hold 4 people. Last year he took us up in it to look at Christmas lights. I was thinking of spelling out Marry me in lights in the field behind my house and point it out as we fly over. The thing with that is I don't want to wait until December to pop the ??? I think I'm going to stick with the crappy present and dinner plan, hehehe. Thanks again for all the info.....Mikey[addsig]
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    do the light thing anyway, it doesnt have to be christmas to go flying does it?[addsig]
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    Thanks for all the helpful info. I've made my final decision on the ring, here it is. Thanks again...Mikey[addsig]
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