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    Shout out to Dewalt

    I have a year old Dewalt 20v 1.5AH battery that stopped taking a charge. I figured before I recycle it, I may as well try to see if it's under warranty
    I got online and chatted with the Dewalt bot on their website. It setup an account for me, verified my battery was one year old, and shipped out a replacement battery that arrived 7 days later.

    I was only asked for my name, address, and battery date code. I didn't have to give a credit card, or even return the old one. A very easy process.
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    Re: Shout out to Dewalt

    03 rhd tj

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    Re: Shout out to Dewalt

    I have done the same!

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    Re: Shout out to Dewalt

    Quote Originally Posted by TerryMason View Post
    I didn't have to give a credit card, or even return the old one
    That was a pleasant surprise from Dewalt. It's probably more trouble and hassle for Dewalt to make arrangements to have the old battery shipped back and disposed.

    Ridgid has a LSA (lifetime service agreement) type warranty for the Ridgid batteries. I got 8 new Lithium batteries to replace my dead NiCad batteries last month and they didn't want any dead batteries back. I just had to re-register each one on the website for ongoing LSA

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    Shout out to Dewalt

    Yes the problem is lithium batteries need to be recycled and need special designation fir transport or shippment

    They donít want them back so they donít need to add cost.

    Used Lithium-Ion Batteries | US EPA

    IATA - What to Know About How to Ship Lithium Batteries?

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