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    I love this tie rod tool

    I picked this up on a whim at harbor freight and man is it really useful. Previously I had used a pickle fork and often just pounded on it with a sledgehammer, but this little tool convinces the tie rods to pop right off.

    Makes things much easier

    Harbor Freight ball joint separator

    I love this tie rod tool-img_20230522_145501640.jpeg

    I love this tie rod tool-img_20230522_170750111.jpeg

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    Re: I love this tie rod tool

    Having the right tool really makes a difference.

    We recently needed to change out some axle joints. Previously, we used a socket and big clamp to squeeze the joints out and back in, but due to uneven surfaces, it was a tedious chore. This time we splurged and bought a 12 Ton press at Harbor Freight, and the job went much quicker, easier, and better overall. We won't likely use that press much, but it doesn't take much space.

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    Looks a nice tool! Good investment

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    Re: I love this tie rod tool

    I need to find that one. I have anout four other types that work sometimes
    03 rhd tj

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