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    Camping and wheeling pics

    Camping and wheeling pics-20230609_192137.jpg
    Arriving at the camp ground

    Camping and wheeling pics-20230609_211136.jpg
    Ribeye on an open fire

    Camping and wheeling pics-20230609_214534.jpg
    Quite the camp with some colorful characters

    Camping and wheeling pics-20230610_113826.jpg
    Obligatory "flex" pic

    Camping and wheeling pics-20230610_113837.jpg
    Stuffed wheel well
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    Nice buddy.Camping and wheeling pics-1970748228.jpgCamping and wheeling pics-1988573474.jpgCamping and wheeling pics-1589306881.jpg

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    Re: Camping and wheeling pics

    Very cool!
    Does that basket on the back get hung up alot, or is it high enough to not be a problem? I could use the extra storage in my TJ.

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