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    I dont care about the movie, but I'll buy a ticket just to see a Rubicon in action. They are also coming out with a Rubicon Tomb Raider model some time in July...heres the scoop: http://romanticmovies.about.com/cs/t...epwrangler.htm[addsig]

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    Remember it is hollywood! Ever see a Charger Jump land and keep on driven like on Dukes of Hazzard. heheheheheh Tug [addsig]

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    I was once lucky enough to see a charger jump,you could say Im a dukes of hazzard junky.hehehe I have a peice of the last general lee that was jumped.And tug,you are correct,those cars never drive after they've been jumped.I wish that show was still on tv.[addsig]

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    LOL Didn't they jump the cars 4 times before junking them? Once for each 1/4 panel.

    And the Jeep Rubicon (Tomb Raider) looks nothing like what you see in the movie. Well, maybe the cheapie version but deffinantly not as mean.

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    "Real Jeeps are not bought, but made" -al[addsig]

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    t hey made the roll bar like early YJs again for the rubicon in the movie. [addsig]
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    I saw all this info. on the JEEP site several weeks ago but forgot all about it. I will see the movie too, actually I like the Movie. I'm a big adventure move freak and I think this one will rock.

    Check out www.jeep.com too, they have pictures and info. there.[addsig]
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    The rubicon in the movie has 35's on it...... :-D [addsig]
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    All I know is that any movie with a Jeep, Angelina Jolie and Korn (for the soundtrack) should be up for an Oscar, Grammy AND Car&Drivers awards! :-D [addsig]

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    I agree.........and second the vote........ :-D [addsig]
    NEED A TRANNY FOR A 1988 YJ 4.2.....HELP

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    nanaeight,is that really you and your jeep in your sig???[addsig]

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    Yeah, that's me with the chain in my hand in about 10 degree water. I swamped it in Twin Buttes Resevoir about a year and a half ago. My old man was with me, but didn't want to get his Italian Leather loafers wet! :-D It wasn't bad though. As soon as I got it towed to shore, I used a little WD-40 and she cranked right back up. Changed the transmission fluid, differential and oil (2x) and haven't had a problem since. I've even joined the Polar Bear Club, so cold water isn't too bad either!!! :-P I've since put on 31" BFG A/T's so I don't anticipate that happening again around here anyway!

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    Nice pic .... I hate the cold though...... :-D [addsig]
    NEED A TRANNY FOR A 1988 YJ 4.2.....HELP

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    The you probably wouldn't jump into a 15 degree lake in January. Got a t-shirt out of it though![addsig]

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    ive known about this hooked up rubicon for some time now, i work at the movie theatres and ive picked up a few things from the movie promotion such as jeep ballons, alot of pictures of her jeep, which are on my wall now and im going to get a big cardborad picture of her jeep - its pretty big. i might post spme pics of my treasure and i cant wait to see her in action - i mean the jeep. ;-) [addsig]

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    Ha Ha ....I want one of her..oops I mean the Jeep :-D [addsig]
    NEED A TRANNY FOR A 1988 YJ 4.2.....HELP

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