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    Hey there peps! Just wanted to say "HI". I just got my first real jeep last week, a 72 CJ5 with only 47,000 orginal miles on it, it has a 304. It was pretty much orginal when I got it but that had to change. I added a 4" superlift, hooker outside frame headers, new Accel plug wires, tach and now I am working on a bomb proff front bumper, starting from scrach on it and building it all, that way I get what I want. This is not my first jeep. About a month ago I met up with Josh Higgins in OK. and did some trading with him on his 75 CJ5 that he started the frame off restore. I brought it home in boxes. I started putting it together and found that it was missing the flywheel, clutch and pressure plate and the throw out bearing. I got ahold of Josh and he said he would send it UPS. That was about a week before his accident. I dont know what happened but he must have got busy and didnt get them sent. I have read all the post on Josh and I feel that something must have happened or he would have sent them. I feel that I was lucky to have met him. even if it was only a short time while we loaded the trailer with the BIG model kit. I have learned alot the short time I have been on here and look forward to checking the post every day. I hope to get some pics of the 72 on here soon if I can figure out how to do it. I have posted it on the For Sale site but just to let everyone know, the 75 that I got from Josh is for sale. I have to sell it to pay for the 72, I hate to and wish I had the money to fix it back up and decicate it to Josh, but I just cant do. So if anyone is interested let me know. I live in Kansas and look forward to talking to everyone on here.

    Thanks in advance, any help with my new (old) jeep will be great.
    See ya all in here

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    Whats up! Welcome to the jeep world and good luck on that rig. If you want list the parts you need in the parts wanted section. I have a friend that has two CJ's in pieces, I might be able to work a deal for ya.


    PS, i tried to get him to join jeepz.com but is dead set against anything online. oldfashion I guess!
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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    Hey,welcome to the board!You prolly already know that the people on this site are good people.Well,ask any question you want,we are all here to help. :) Sully

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    Welcome. I think your gonna like it here.

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    welcome to the cult, or is it a subculture - i don't think we've decided yet

    in any case, most around here are helpfull, some are harsh, but all are jeep brothers and sisters

    don't get hurt if someone gets crappy - it's just tough love

    all for one and one for all

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