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    just got back from a long work type vacation from california..good thing i'm finally back..6ish months without a computer or a jeep. NJ has never been so good. So..i gotta get my ropes back together here..anything new or somthing going down? i seen 2004 trail week that looks like i need some good wheelin after none for 6 months. good to be back

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    t-case question

    Hi, welcome back. I don't think we have ever met, I'm Laura. Wicked nice to meet you! hehe.
    wicked good dude

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    Welcome back dude.I was wondering were you had gone off to.

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    Back to your side of our big rock You say. West side is a strange place for an easterner and vice a versa. No Jeep for 6 months and no Computer either that had to hurt. Good to have you home tug

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    Hey LGR, don't know if I've met you before. Names Mingez. Nice to meet you / welcome back! Looks like we joined about the same time. :wink:

    Currently own a 98 XJ bone stock, but click Here: For pics of my TJ and old XJ.

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    Whats up bro, long time no type. Glad to see that your are on the right coast!
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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