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    Hello from Sandpoint

    How many other Idaho Jeepers are on the forum. Speak up and say hi!!

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    Re: Hello from Sandpoint

    Hey I'm from Clark Fork like 30 minutes from you...that's so cool.

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    Re: Hello from Sandpoint

    I bear hunt up there

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    Re: Hello from Sandpoint

    Really I hunt all the time out here. I elk hunt for the most part of my time.

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    Dec 2010
    Spokane area, WA
    I am over north of spokane.

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    Re: Hello from Sandpoint

    Quote Originally Posted by Spojeeper View Post
    I am over north of spokane.
    Hey, I was over at the ORV park this last weekend. You will have to join us one day. I did get a few video's this time

    YouTube - tedjan92's Channel
    JEEP! Eating Fj's and sh*tting Hummers

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