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    Were is the best place to go off road in INDIANA?

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    Were is the best place to go off road in INDIANA?
    badands attica IN

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    Hell yea, Badlands is awesome! Or if u wanna come wheel in Illinois u can hit the cliffs insane terrain. And ur close to Michigan for the silver lake dunes.

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    Badlands Off Road Park - Indiana, 4x4, ATV, motorcycle riding, sand dunes, mud pits, rock crawling

    Redbird SRA - Home

    DNR: Interlake Property

    The Badlands is privately owned and very diverse. Redbird and Interlake are both State ground and operated by IDNR. Both are former strip mine areas.

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    I am in Zionsville, IN, NW Indy metro area. I have a 1981 CJ 7. I'm looking for someone who knows Jeeps to look at mine & give me an idea as to value, and suggestions as to the best way to sell it. Can you help?
    Best regards, Keith,,317-769-4549

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