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    I am looking for a vinyl retractable cargo privacy cover for my 2001 Cherokee Sport. The Liberty's and Grand Cherokee's have them and I have seen some old Cherokee Limited's with them as well. Any information about this...ie, would the privacy covers from say a 1990 Cherokee Limited fit a 2001? Would anyone know of business that might sell something like this? Thanks for the input.
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    I'd try ebay everyonce in a while you might find one.
    My xj came with one in it. It's a 92. I'm pretty sure they should fit. All you need to make sure is that you get the brackets to mount it. The bar that the fabric mounts to that you pull on slides in a out to go around the tire. So i can't see width being a problem. It comes apart really easy, so if it doesn't fit, I'm sure you could make it fit just buy hack sawing the pipe. I'd go pick up a cheap on from ebay or the junk yard and make it work. As long as you have the brackets the two in the back and the two in the front then I'm sure it should work.
    hope that helps
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