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    4 used factory Jeep steel wheels w/ factory chrome plastic covers that give the wheels an expensive alloy look-offered on '93-'01! Wheels balance nicely & covers are perfect (Covers bought brand new only a month prior to getting new wheels)! The center caps aren't perfect but aren't noticable when under the wheel covers, I'm selling b/c I lifted my cherokee & went with wider aftermarket wheels. Will fit all 84-02 cherokees, Grand Cherokees & most Wranglers!


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    If you own a house-it's time to Refinance!! Contact me for rates!!! :)
    Welcome and good luck but please "Don't call during dinner and please don't bring this kind of crap to the boards! Everyday some one trys to sale this kind of crap to me via my phone, my email, in the us postal, so again please dont do this. Tug :-x [addsig]

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    tug calm down a little, its ok....he didnt call during dinner.... :-O :-O [addsig]
    82 CJ5 that dont run.... and is no more.... 94 Z71

    J, you wont be forgotten

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