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    I have a set of hard halfs, they are in awsome shape. I don't really want to sell, but need money for a new rear end. I'm in Halifax N.S.

    edited by: wride, Mar 17, 2003 - 08:05 PM[addsig]

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    Are they for a YJ or a TJ? also, how much are you looking to get for them?

    1993 YJ 2.5L 5-speed

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    What color? How much? Will they fit a 91? [addsig]
    91 YJ 4.0 5spd
    SOA + 1.5" reverse eye RE springs
    D44 LS Rear & ZJ Disks
    4.56 gears
    36"x14.5" Parnelli Jones'
    Jks discos
    Warn XD9000i
    Banks SS exhaust
    High Steer!
    And a bunch of home made stuff!

    Stock 2005 Loaded WK, for now!

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    the doors are green, yes they will fit a 91,(thats what i have) and asking around $450[addsig]

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    dark green like hunter green? :-? [addsig]

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    they are a dark green, it isin't a factory paint color though.[addsig]

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    hey wride...do you have any pics of those doors?[addsig]

    my junk waiting for Hi-Steer + rear driveshaft

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    no I don't, but I may be able gear some up.[addsig]

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    they are sold![addsig]

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