So I bought this by mistake, to my own surprise 97-98 Jeep ZJs have a completely different fuel line system than the ones made between 93-96.

As this was bought and shipped from America and I am in Denmark, it would cost more to ship it back to the place I bought it from, than the filter costs.

So I am I am putting it up here in case anyone in the E.U. would be interested.

As you can see in the pictures; itís a Bosch Part# 77006WS. It is supposed to fit all 93-96 Jeep ZJs, but make sure you double check that this fits YOUR specific vehicle, and donít make the same mistake I did.

I am not asking any particular price, because 1: I donít know what to ask for something like this, and 2: maybe someone has something they would like to trade with?

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