1. ACME CJ5 Hardtop

    ACME CJ5 Hardtop - White - All window glass clear - window weatherstripping is in very good condition. Door seals and mounting gaskets could be used but better to be replaced. Has all 6 mounting clips (2 windshield, 4 cargo area). Some stress cracks in gel-coat and wear and tear marks and strains. No structural issues. Missing inside door handle passenger side. Passenger door handle (outside) should be re-bedded - wood screws don't hold. Drivers door pins are not correct - lower one is a bolt down through the hole...functional but... Has been stored inside since 2015. Pretty much could be used as is but otherwise I think a fairly easy restoration. Local pickup recommended. Ask questions or can provide more photos. Located Wilson, NC.

    Did I mention that I am open to offers? Please let me know! Thanks...

    Now asking $600 or offer...let me know.
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    ACME CJ5 Hardtop-slide5.jpg  

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    Re: ACME CJ5 Hardtop

    wow! nice.
    03 rhd tj

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    Did you still have this available

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    Re: ACME CJ5 Hardtop

    Hi! Yes, I do. Thanks for being interested.

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    Re: ACME CJ5 Hardtop

    Sorry - hit reply too quickly. Yes - the top is still available. Do you have any questions, or need more detailed photos? Just let me know and I wil get back to you. Thanks!

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    Re: ACME CJ5 Hardtop

    For the top, I had an inquiry about shipping the top. If someone wanted to arrange to have it picked up or shipped - that's fine. For shipping purposes, the top, doors and tailgate together weigh 165 pounds. If you pack the doors and tailgate inside the top, the overall dimensions are about 5x5x4 feet. Probably would have to add a pallet and packing materials to the weight, but that's roughly what could be used for an estimate. Just an idea...still open to offers. Thanks...

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    Re: ACME CJ5 Hardtop

    Top is sold.

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