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    It's coming together

    I stole Scotch740's idea for the contico tuff box in the rear of my TJ. I removed my rear seat completely and set the box forward
    as much as possible. I needed more room in the back for Scuba Tanks. Here's the results

    It's coming together-2012-06-02_17-53-31_451.jpg
    It doesn't ride like a car, It doesn't ride like a truck....It rides like a JEEP!

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    Re: It's coming together

    Looks great.
    07 JKU with a lot of mods.
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    Re: It's coming together

    I just ordered one of the Contico boxes after seeing yours, and I found it at Zorotools for $55 shipped, awesome look, I plan on mine being at the back and bolted in, thanks for the great idea.

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