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    Cool 95 ZJ Build

    Just bought a 95 ZJ for $1400, had transmission rebuilt pretty much completely for $1500. I just ordered the Rusty's 2" BB and JKS Quick Disco's today. Plan on getting the KM2's next. I have trimmed the bumper and will trim out the wells when I get the tires.

    It's on it's way. I will have, hopefully, the RE 3.5 Super Flex in a couple of months.

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    The start of the tear down

    95 ZJ Build-forumrunner_20120621_125049.png

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    Re: 95 ZJ Build

    Great platform. I've built 2 ZJs and waiting on my cousin to get some money so we can build some more on his. It's got a 2" BB and 31s so far.

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    Re: 95 ZJ Build

    I've got the KM2's on my Wrangler and like them.

    This thread needs more photos.
    My 2005 Wrangler Build Thread

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    Re: 95 ZJ Build

    Got under the front end and discovered that all of my bushings are trashed. Good thing I plan on adding an RE Super Flex 3.5 to the mix.

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    Got the Rusty's 2" BB installed this weekend. Also went with JKS quicker discos.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 95 ZJ Build-forumrunner_20120701_115020.png  

    95 ZJ Build-forumrunner_20120701_115043.png  

    95 ZJ Build-forumrunner_20120701_115009.png  

    95 ZJ Build-forumrunner_20120701_115055.png  

  7. I have a 97 zj awd. I was wondering with the 2" lift if you had any vibrations?

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    Re: 95 ZJ Build

    No I haven't had any issues with the lift.

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    Re: 95 ZJ Build

    95 ZJ Build-img142.jpg

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    Re: 95 ZJ Build

    95 ZJ Build-img145.jpg

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    Re: 95 ZJ Build

    95 ZJ Build-img146.jpg

    Chopped the fenders to make room for the new 32s

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    Looks good so far!

    When you cut the fenders back like that do you need to fabricate it at all to 'seal' the outer fender and 'skeleton' fender or does it just cut off?

    I have a 98 ZJ I Just got an am looking forward to upgrading it!

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