1. 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    I am in the early stages of restoring a tuxedo park (mark IV)(for my wife) but am having difficulty finding part I need seat springs (5) and a heater (the entire thing) if anyone has any info that would be helpful please let me know thank you
    1967 Jeep Tuxedo park-imag0438-1.jpg

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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    Welcome to Jeepz.com. That CJ looks like a fun project.

    I see there are two heaters on ebay right now:
    Heater Box Assembly, 1965-1975 Jeep CJ3, CJ5 = USED = | eBay


    Early Jeep Heater Box Assembly, CJ3, CJ5 (Pre-1976) = USED = | eBay
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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    Wow! Cool project, those are rare. I've seen stuff listed for Tuxedo Park Jeeps under "rare AMC " or rare jeep.

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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    Thank you for your information but that heater doesnt quite look like the pictures of what I have found that belongs in this jeep 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park-cj5_tuxedo_park5.jpg 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park-june-3-2012-4-.jpg but as you can see I dont have a lot to work with
    It was in pretty sad shape when I got it

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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    I am also having difficulty finding a 60/40 bench or the springs to fix this one 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park-may-30-2012-3-.jpg

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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    The 60-40 seats are very rare but are seen for sale once in a while. I may have some springs from an old seat. I'll check and let you know.
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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    Wow, that looks like a big project. Looks like fun though. I've never heard of a Tuxedo park edition, I've got to google that one. Why does the frame stick out so far in the front?

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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    Wow again. That's a pretty rare one.

    Is it a trim package, a CJ-5, or a CJ-6? Well, the answer is yes!In 1961, Kaiser was coming to the realization that it had an image problem. The broader masses believed the Jeep to be a great…vehicle — that is, if you needed to work on the farm, go hunting, or partake in some other industrious activity. To fix this “problem” they decided to introduce a new, more “upscale” version of the CJ-5. So…in 1961, the Tuxedo Park was introduced as a trim package. It is widely believed that these trim packages (Tuxedo Park I, II and III) were offered between 1961-1963, and included chrome add-ons, along with an “Indian Ceramic” steering wheel (in place of the standard black). The seats also received an upgrade to “Black British Calf Grain Vinyl with Indian Ceramic Facings” (Trim Code L-29).
    In 1964, Kaiser promoted the Tuxedo Park as it’s own separate model (Tuxedo Park Mark IV) for the CJ-5A and CJ-6A. The Tuxedo Park Mark IV included several options that set it apart from the standard Jeep®. These options included:
    - Chrome front bumper
    - Chrome hood badges
    - Windshield clamp catch
    - Chrome drop down license plate holder
    - Chrome tail lamps
    - Hubcap displaying the “Jeep” emblem
    - Column shift

    **If you suspect you may have one of these models, check the prefix of your vehicle’s VIN tag. The CJ-5A Tuxedo Park Mark IV has a prefix of “8322″, while the CJ-6A Tuxedo Park Mark IV has a prefix of “8422″.
    Unfortunately, this model never gained the popularity that was hoped for, and only approximately 460 of the CJ-6A models were ever produced, making them a rare find for those in the market. If you have a Tuxedo Park Mark IV, it is much more likely that yours is one of the CJ-5A models. While these vehicles did not capture the undivided attention of the masses, they were a valid attempt at becoming something “more” than what Jeep® appeared to be in 1960, and opened the door for other models that were to come…

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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    You might try Walcks 4wd www.walcks4wd.com or Willys Overland in Toledo www.willysoverland.com
    They both specialize in older CJs. Good Luck & let us know how it goes!!!!! Oh yeah..welcome to Jeepz!
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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    Thank you all for all your info. I really dont know a lot about this model yet either still learning more every day would also like to find a shop manual for it that would help a lot.
    (had to put my 1949 Studebaker truck restoration on hold for now to work on the jeep)

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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    does anyone know where I can Get a shop manual for a 67 tuxedo park

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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    nope. google has always found me the electronic versions of factory manuals and they are usually free if you really search
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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    have tried some but have not found anything specific to 67 tuxedo park

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    The Tuxedo Park is a trim level. There is nothing mechanically different from a standard CJ5 except the column shifter. Get a standard CJ5 mechanics manual from www.kaiserwillys.com .

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    I wanna see this when it's done!!

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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    not quite done but getting a lot closer

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    Re: 1967 Jeep Tuxedo park

    A restored CJ is a thing of beauty . You have done one a wonderful job and I'm happy that another CJ is running and saved from the crusher . I respect anyone who gone the length you have to save and restore one. Looking forward to many pics upon completion to grace the pages of jeepz.com . Thanks for your update .
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