1. dmartin 847's TJ build

    Finally putting in my rubicon express long arms. I got my sye in, new driveshaft, and my lock right in the front. Painted it up a little and now have to get it all back under it. And that's just the front. Lol. Doing it at work to use their cranes and tools, makes it much easier. The hydraulic cylinder in the picture isn't part of it..

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-3671316245.jpg

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-3673301280.jpg
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    Re: dmartin 847's TJ build

    I've moved your post to the Jeep Builds section.

    Looks like quite a bit of work. Give us some specs on your Jeep and some more photos. Looks like you have quite a build going on.
    My 2005 Wrangler Build Thread

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    It's just a 04 TJ four cylinder. I'm putting on a 5.5" rubicon express long arm kit. It's a lot of work but I'm I'm sure it will all be worth it. I've owned it about 4 years and never stop improving it. I turbo charged the engine 3 years ago and run 6 to 7 lbs. of boost ,I added a aem spark and fuel piggyback computer to retard the spark and increase fuel while boosting. I'm getting around 230 hp. and 19 mpg ave. running 35" pro comp. extreme mt's with the stick 4:10 gears just fine. Next year I hope to get a ford 8.8 and rehear to 4:88 but that's another time.

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-1232494006.jpg

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-3482171991.jpg

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-835598945.jpg

    I'll send more as the lift install progresses.

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    I have the lift completed. Now just exhaust and taking out the body lift that it had when I bought it. Crazy articulation , these Pics don't do it justice, I just bled the brakes and brake fluid was everywhere so it was trying to slide off the forklift. I stopped lifting the front tits just over 30", high. I'mI sure there was 6" more I could have gone bit it was sliding off the fork.Could have gone probably 6" further but it was sliding off the forks. That's about 30" on the right front with the other three firmly on the floor. That's pretty flexible . This summers gonna be fun! It's a pretty difficult kit to put on, lots of welding and grinding and measuring . I did it at my shop where I work that has cranes,

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-2713306932.jpg

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-3132594271.jpg

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-3132594271.jpg

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-2713306932.jpg

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-1695256003.jpg

    plasmcutters, mig welders, and pretty much anything g you can think of. Defiantly not for beginners . Anyway, here's some pics.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dmartin 847's TJ build-image-2514446428.jpg  

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    Sorry about the text, must have copied previous texts to friends in with my post.. Lol sorry

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    Re: dmartin 847's TJ build

    nice looking jeep.

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    I've been working on the engine the last few days, I added a aem fuel/ignition piggyback back computer to be able to retard my timing under when the engine is boosting, add more fuel, rub bigger injectors and program an electronic boost controller.

    dmartin 847's TJ build-image-2824306960.jpg

    Let me tell you, there's a lot of cutting and soldering. You have to intercept the throttle position sensor, crank sensor, cam sensor, all of the fuel injectors a vacuum / boost hose and plus power, grounds and other things I can't even remember.. It took two days but it was worth all the agony. Now I just hook a laptop to a USB port in the glove box and I can control everything from spark timing , air fuel mixture, rev. Limiters, boost limiters, add program meth injectors change to any size injectors just by telling it what your putting in.. It's pretty cool..

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    Re: dmartin 847's TJ build

    Nice looking Jeep. Keep in mind flex isn't king, run the proper length bumpstops so you don't wear out the springs prematurely from repeated over-compression.

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    I bought the complete Rubicon Express kit that came with all new bump stops, sway bar links and disconnects, shock relocation mounts, drop pitman arm , drop track bar mounts and adjustable track bars.. There was a lot of stuff in there, lol. They claim it to be a matches setup and even though it's 5.5" higher it is supposed to Keep factory geometry in the steering setup. I know it drives better than it did when it was stock height , tacks straighter and doesn't drift around as much at highway speeds.. I have heard that rubicon lifts will eventually start to sag in the back , I hope that's a myth but I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens. So far I love what it's done for my jeep. It drives better, rides smoother and flexes a lot more ( about 35" or so )..

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