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    I don't care for those Italian engines. a small block chev, ( the 4 cyl chev "iron duke" is good, but obsolete) or the big Toyota 4 cyl is good.. is see the older jeep problem as not being able to go 70 mph on the highway. there are other ways to solve this.

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    Re: It's been a few years - YJ build

    That's my totally the issue. I hate having to drop two gears to creep up an incline on the interstate doing 55. Then ending up playing the passing game with the random people over a three hour road trip.
    My son is a Subaru head and we've done a few builds together. He's all over wanting to do a turbo mod on the existing 4.0L. I'm just not sure that I'm into reinventing the wheel on this. I feel like dropping a straight 6 Stroker in might be the overall easiest, least complicated swap for my needs. I'm just looking for a few more ponies and hopefully it sounds better.
    Thanks for your input. Looking forward to more suggestions,


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