Just thought I'd put this out there. I tore my jeep down to nothing and ended replacing almost everything. My advice. Just find a donor for the dash, clutch, steering column, steering shaft, lights, grill. Axles,if you think they are worth it and most of all the VIN number. My VIN was a sticker on the dashboard. Find a rotted jeep CHEAP. Then buy new or used fiberglass tub aftermarket heavy duty GALVANIZED frame, have it set up for the axles you want, they will weld mounts for any axles you want and buy all your body and drivetrain parts. Used or new. Ford, Dodge, Chevy is easiest. Then put it together. You won't save any money or time fixing a rusted body and frame. Believe me it will go a lot easier and it won't start rusting after you do a bunch of work to it. I changed everything and just waited a searched for online used fiberglass parts. There is a few steel parts left but not much. The new bodies by shell Valley are made with no wood also. I saw some nice full scrambler bodies too. Pete

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