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    My daily 2005 LJ, upgrading slowly

    My recently bought daily driver LJ has 62k miles and most recent upgrade is Detour USA drop kick sliders $350 shipping included. It has Kenda 33-12.5-15 at tires, 4.5" rough country lift, factory style 6" extended Crown auto fender flares ($160 on Amazon), Opar grab bar entrance handles $40 on Amazon,in channel window vent shades and quadratic molded floor mats. I've changed both axles housing oil out for quality synthetic, changed transmission oil, transfer case oil and coolant. I put new much needed spark plugs in. (surprised how worn and out of speck factory plugs were at 58k miles) so the recommended 30k mile plug replacement is no joke if using factory ngk plugs. I plan on daily driving my LJ until about 90k miles is reached and then starting on upgrading gears, heavier duty front end components/maybe axle and lockers. As for the Detour sliders, they installed in 25 minutes. That includes time gathering tools. They easily mount to frame and only require one slight adjustment to a plastic spacer that holds gas lines and break lines to frame. They are solid and come with primer only so that you can paint with any brand you choose which makes touching up with exact matching paint a breeze. I chose rustoleum semi gloss enamel. The only negative aspect to detour usa can also be a positive. His shop is small. He can only build after you order and on top of that he is at the mercy of his steel supplier who will only ship his steel orders once every type of steel ordered is in stock. My order took almost 3 months to arrive. That is at least one month more than normal for him but I wanted to give a honest review and the stars aligned to cause my order to take this long. I'm very happy with them and WOULD order again knowing it could possibly take this long (his normal is around 8 weeks). He is very nice and personally answers the phone! Anyways here is some pics
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My daily 2005 LJ, upgrading slowly-wp_20170507_15_31_17_pro.jpg  

    My daily 2005 LJ, upgrading slowly-wp_20170507_15_32_43_pro.jpg  

    My daily 2005 LJ, upgrading slowly-wp_20170507_15_31_50_pro.jpg  

    My daily 2005 LJ, upgrading slowly-wp_20170506_09_10_49_pro.jpg  

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