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    Tires on 14 Rubicon

    What are the largest tires I can put on a 14 stock Rubicon with 17 in stock rims?

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    Were you able to get new tires for your Rubicon? I'm planning to use 255/40 mud tires on my 17x9 Black Rhino wheels. I've already stopped using my stock rims since 2018 though.

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    Re: Tires on 14 Rubicon

    I'd bet you could easily put 33s on there. maybe even larger
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    I would say 35" max

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    Re: Tires on 14 Rubicon

    A skinny 33 like 10.50 may rub at full lock without back spacers. If you go wider you will rub .

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    What size of tires did you end up buying for your Jeep?

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