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Thread: Mild JK Build

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    Mild JK Build

    Mild JK Build-image1674488213.406326.jpg
    Mild JK Build-image1674488227.279155.jpg
    Mild JK Build-image1674488239.255384.jpg
    Mild JK Build-image1674488247.841371.jpg
    Mild JK Build-image1674488255.993837.jpg
    Mild JK Build-image1674488264.734113.jpg
    Mild JK Build-image1674426207.978825.jpg

    Fitted up a Rugged Ridge style snorkel to my JK, I say style as it was an eBay purchase yet is badged “Rugged Ridge”, highly doubt that with the price. I knew I was probably going to have some struggles fitting it with my fenders and I did. I got it all on and functional but when it’s warmer I will go in and tweak on it till I’m happy with fender and hood gaps.

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