1. Smile 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee windows, doors, mirrors wont work

    I am posting this for a friend and I told her this site would have the answers. So as I cross my fingers.......here is the question.

    she says the windows, doors, mirrors wont work anymore. Is this a fuse, a relay or ????
    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee windows, doors, mirrors wont work

    My first advise is to make sure you check ALL the fuses under the hood and under the dash. There should be a plastic cover/ panel that snaps under the dash on the driverside. Once you remove this panel, the fuses will be exposed for you to check. If all the fuses checks out ok, the next possible culprit is the wiring. Most of the causes found with the symptoms you mentioned is in the wire loom between the door and the body. It's a convoluted rubber that houses all the wiring from the door switch, speakers, power locks and power window 12v. feed. Remove one end of the rubber boot to expose the wiring harness. You might have to cut the electrical tape, if any, that constricts the wiring harness so you can inspect each wire in the harness. In most cases, you can easily spot the severed wire just sticking out. Tell us what you find out and post back.
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