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    04 wrangler wont start!

    so my wrangler starts up fine i drive down the block for some food when i get back in it, it wont start! so i get a jump start and it starts. But when i put on my headlights the electronics in the car turn off (radio, phone charger, etc) and my headlights flicker. my "check gauges" light is on. when i open the door no key in the ignition all the gauges go crazy fluttering up and down. Any ideas?! and it only has 37k miles!!!

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    Re: 04 wrangler wont start!

    I'd start with checking and clean the grounds and battery terminals. Grounds battery to chassis, alternator, engine... Get your battery and alternator tested. More than likely the neg battery terminal has a poor connection.
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    04 wrangler wont start!

    I'd say it's a bad battery.

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