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    Never thought it would be so expensive to get a new key faub! I just got my jeep and it only came with one key and battery is dying. And I loose stuff or forget stuff say in the jeep with windows and doors locked... So I'm def gonna need another one. Does anyone know the cheapest route to take? I'm def gonna get a new battery for my key. But what about an extra?

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    You can always go to a hardware store and get a spare key made, at least then you could unlock the door if you accidently lock the fob in the Jeep. Have you checked eBay? Sometime you can find fob on eBay at a good price. You should be able to program it to your vehicle yourself without having to take it to the dealer.

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    If your key fob and key is molded in one unit, you can still get a plain key just for the doors. If you find one on e-bay, pay close attention to the part number otherwise your wasting your money.
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