1. Cut the harness to short!

    Hello I have a 06 jeep commander with a factory amp and I was trying to install a after market stereo a cut my harness to short cause I'm an idiot sometimes but I can't find a harness anywhere that will work with it. It's the 22 pin connector but only has like ten wires. Anybody know where I can find one?

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    Re: Cut the harness to short!

    Generally, you don't want to cut the factory harness at all - you buy an adapter, like this one

    Reverse Radio Wiring Wire Harness Factory Stereo Installation CHR22 | eBay

    Cut the harness to short!-_57.jpg

    You plug that $8 harness into your factory stereo plug, then you'll have a bunch of wires coming off that you can wire to your new aftermarket stereo.
    If you still have the plug that you cut off, I'd try and put that back in place, or you could just splice a 6 inch wire into each lead.

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