1. 2006 Jeep Liberty has wonky lights :/

    Hi there,
    I am hoping that someone can help me fix this issue:
    When I turn on my parking lights, the front driver's side illuminates while the passenger side does not (I'm talking about the amber colored light that also serves as a blinker). When I use my left blinker, the light stays illuminated and doesn't blink. When I use my right blinker, it blinks like it is supposed to. When I use my hazards, the drivers side stays illuminated but doesn't blink and the passenger side blinks.

    So I need to figure out why the driver's side isn't blinking, and why the passenger side isn't coming on with my other parking lights.

    I've changed out the bulbs on both sides and I've cleaned the terminals to make sure the bulbs are connecting. Can someone please help me? PLEASE?!?! Hehe
    Thank you!

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    Re: 2006 Jeep Liberty has wonky lights :/

    Ok just to understand correctly I have a few questions.
    This only occurs when your marker lights are on ?
    Does it happen with headlights on or off?

    I'm going to start with stating it is likely a power/ground issue near the light fixture. Both sides have different power/ground issue. In a blinker there are two filaments one for marker and one for blinker/hazards.

    Check the wires going to the fixtures make sure they are not damaged or shorting. Follow the ground to where it attaches to the body. Take this apart and with sandpaper polish the eyelet ends along with the spot ther contact the body. Then reassemble.

    This should fix the issue.

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    Re: 2006 Jeep Liberty has wonky lights :/

    As far as it not blinking have you checked to see if the rear lights works. Of the rear light is blown out it can cause the front one to just light up. If the rear one also only comes in it could be the relay.

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