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    While driving my dash will randomly go crazy flashing lights and beeping anyone know what it could be?

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    Re: 2013 jk

    Any drivability issues? Engine running rough?

    You might check battery connections, ground connections and the dash electrical connections.


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    Yup itís the negative terminal loose!

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    Re: 2013 jk

    That's about the best outcome I could imagine. Chasing down electrical gremlins can be rough.
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    After experiencing strange intermittent starting / charging issues I've become a firm believer in spending time inspecting ALL of the ground wire connections rather than just focusing on 12V positive power.

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    Anytime the problems your having with electrical don’t really make sense or they are intermittent the safe bet is to check your ground connections. Clean them and hit them with something like wd40 to help keep moisture away.

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