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    looking to install roof lights

    Hey everyone I am looking to install some offroad lights on my roof of my 08 GC. I will mount them to a basket but I face several problems. First problem how to run wire to interior switches without making any holes. Second problem I have seen forums that have people "properly" wiring the lights up and I don't understand them. Is there anything wrong with running a wire from the battery to a fuse, to switch, to lights?

    Any suggestions on what lights, fuses and switches to use.....Running on a budget here.

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    Re: looking to install roof lights

    Don't own or haven't seen a 08GC to see how you could get away without drilling. Perhaps there is a window channel molding you could run wires in to the fender and under the hood.
    As for wiring use a relay anytime you run lights. It keeps the high current away from the switch. Riches are lossy, resistive( heat with high current) and may leak some current through and drain the battery.

    Here is a simple diagram.
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