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    spark plugs??

    Has anyone tried the Pulstar plugs? I am thinking of trying them, they have rave reviews and interesting results. here is a link to see them The world's most powerful spark plug from Enerpulse They even have a 30 day money back guarantee. might help in a 2,5L.

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    Re: spark plugs??

    Sounds pretty reasonable. Not quite sure I understand *exactly* how they designed it but I think it might be worth a shot. The theory is right there. Big price to pay though isn't it? 14.95 a piece.

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    Re: spark plugs??

    Some years ago I purchased the Bosch performance plugs. I thought they would be better due to the higher price. My 2.5L Jeep ran terrible with them. It would not idle. I purchased the basic Champion plugs (much cheaper) and it ran smooth. In my case cheaper was better.

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    Re: spark plugs??

    I have owned, maintained, and killed many cars from many companies over the years. Plus working as a mechinic at a small dealership I have noticed the following when it comes to which plugs work best with engines from different countries.

    American - Champion and some Bosch
    Champoins always seem to do well and I have seen good results from the Bocsh +4 series. Many others seem to bog and idle rough.

    European - Bosch
    I have tried many other plugs but none seem to work as well in these cases.

    Japanese - NGK
    Again just like the Euros many tried and always best results with these.

    (Not hard rules but found to be true most of the time)

    Some times however it is on a motor by motor basis so it is up to you to find what works best for you.

    Don't know if this helps but it is just from my own trials and errors.
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    Re: spark plugs??

    Champion seem to run the best in the older amc motors

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    Re: spark plugs??

    just changed out my plugs,wires,dist.cap,rotorbutton,and the ol' 87 yj,it runs and idles a whole lot better,i used autolite plugs,duralast wires and cant remember what brand dist.cap/rotorbutton,but for my budgets sake for now i had to go far so good the ol'girls running great

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    Re: spark plugs??

    I always liked Champs, myself, tried Bosch, they were OK I suppose but I never got real impressed by them, went right back to Champs.

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    Re: spark plugs??

    I prefer NAPA caps and rotors. They have brass fittings that last longer and IMO conduct better than the aluminum fittings that come in a lot of them.
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    Re: spark plugs??

    i work in parts store. best advise to ask is it worth the little bit of extra fire to the cumbustion chamber? $59.80 +tax for four spark plugs is about a tune up price for the vehicle. or cold air intake. you could save that money every month for a year. and have almost enough to rebuild the motor in a prof shop. but let me know how the do if you try them. always curiouse bought new items

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    Re: spark plugs??

    I got the 2.5 as well. I just can't see expensive plugs giving it that much more umph. I'm like HIX- spend the bigger money elsewhere.

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    Re: spark plugs??

    I did Splitfire plugs and wires in my '86 MJ with 2.5L and TBI. After fouling several plugs before that, they didn't foul again. I tried swapping in Bosch, Autolite and a couple other plugs after a customer complained his car was burning the plugs tip off with the Splitfire wires. Tired several others that didn't last long with those wires either, but I got nearly 100,000 out of the Splitfires with 20 mpg average (finally pulled the motor out at 375,000 miles and put a replacement in)

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