1. Jeep GC zj full rebuild help??

    Hello everyone out there, I'm new on the forum. I have been working on a full rebuild for a grand cherokee ZJ. So far everything has been going great! After doing a stroker rebuild on the l6 motor, a stage one rebuild on the 42re transmission, new rings/bearings/seals on the 242 transfer case, new slotted performance rotors and ceramic pads, fully rebuilt Dana 35 rear end axle assembly, new MSD ignition coil cap wires and plugs, new oem eagle brand stainless exhaust line from the header to the tail pipe, new K&N intake, new bumpers, 4 new door panels, new windshield, and a new grille, headlights, and header panel, I am slowly making my way closer to the completion of this jeep (very exciting) but I am coming to a road block when it comes to finding a full suspension/ steering rebuild kit???? Any ideas?? I want to replace every factory bushing on the jeep with poly thane bushings and also put in new sway bars/ control arms/ coils/ tie rods/ and shocks. My problem is I can't find a kit that has everything needed without ending up buying multiple kits which would leave me buying lots of duplicate parts.....any advice??!! Thanks for your time

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    Are you planning on a suspension lift? If so how much? Most "budget" kits might include new lower control arms, but you'll need to source the uppers separately. If you're planning on a 2"-3" kit (or any height for that matter) I'd recommend BDS. Then you could add what you want in terms of CA's, swaybar links, etc. As far as the other bushings (front swaybar at the "frame" side) rear away bar I'd buy the kits from energy suspension. To avoid the front duplication AutoZone carts energy suspension stuff and you can source the correct diameter front bushings without adding the link kit and duplicating parts. Good luck with the project I hope this helps a bit.

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