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    My Hot Rod Jeep

    Here is my high performance 1989 YJ
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    My Hot Rod Jeep-1as-atco-jeep-front-wheelie-general-3.jpg  

    My Hot Rod Jeep-1cs-atco-jeep-burnout.jpg  

    My Hot Rod Jeep-1ds-atco-jeep-timeslips-102014-edited.jpg  

    My Hot Rod Jeep-1f-s-side-20140802_191453.jpg  

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    Re: My Hot Rod Jeep

    Very cool!
    Is there are story around the front fender flares, as in do they serve a purpose being rounded, or did you just want a change?
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    Re: My Hot Rod Jeep

    Of course there is. When I originally built my Jeep, I simply replaced the front axle with a straight gasser style with a 4 inch drop from Speedway Motors. But last year, I did it right and installed a Chris Alsten coil over with rack and pinion steering. This gave me the opportunity to move the wheels forward 3 inches. That is why there is the filler piece on the front fender. For flares, I just got some CJ rear ones and put them on the front. I was already using CJ rear flares, but replaced those with wider ones to completely cover the rear tires. I always believed that since tires are round, the flares should also be round.
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    Sweet! Looks like fun. How many times a day do you have to fill the gas tank? Hehe.

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    Re: My Hot Rod Jeep

    Too many lol

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