1. Cool FlashPaq3875 on 09 Sahara test all the chip codes - Best power and Best MPG results

    Found the best power flash code was the 91 performance. You have to use good gas tho like Shell or Cenex but doesn't have to be 91, especially with winter blend. Got 1/2 second better in 1/4 mile on FlashPaq diagnostic. That's BIG! Also went for MPG and used Towing. Circle around Indy on 465 with cruise on 62. Got 26.5 MPG on the dash monitor. WOW!

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    Like to see pre / post and post 500 mo dyno comparisons. Average of mpg for similar driving conditions pre /post and using a full tank of gas each time. If these are sustained improve TA post 500 mi that would be a good improvement.

    What else was changed? Tire pressure or post cleaning MAP or tune up??
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    Re: FlashPaq3875 on 09 Sahara test all the chip codes - Best power and Best MPG resul

    Was getting slightly better than EPA during early ownership. about 20 MPG on the open road at 70 MPH on cruise. During ownership, removed the mud flap on right side of radiator to allow air intake. Cut the bottom off the filter box and blocked side entry noise restrictor. K + N filter. Sounds throaty on full throttle. Used machinist deburr to remove the edge at throttle box inlet. Also hold open the throttle plate - deburr the upper, inner edge of the throttle plate which is a punch out and is absolutely horrible. Cleaning up air intake plumbing and using FlashPaq 91 performance code for advance curve got me to the point that the tires actually squeal on the green light blast-off. Not bad for a minivan motor. There is a watch-out tho, if you use cheap gas it will knock at full throttle before transmission down shift with the 91 code. The 93 advance code demands premium. Tried it with regular winter blend. Knocked so bad I worried about valve damage. Backed out of it quick.

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