1. Anywhere to ride!

    Need to find trails to ride anywhere in southeast la to south Mississippi I'm 18 I have an 05 wrangler with a 4" lift 31" a/t's.

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    You're not alone, I'm 17 and I'm looking for a fairly easy trail near me also. Mostly time to actually go. You might try this

    Jeep forums by area----> stickies (at the top)----> local off road parks.

    Or something like that. Can't post the link on my phone, sorry.

    Time to find out what that jeep can really do!!!!!!

  3. Re: Anywhere to ride!

    Meet and ride at the spillway saturday 12:00 pm by the boat launch

  4. Re: Anywhere to ride!

    I’m new to this forum and returning back to the Jeep community. Any trails around Baton Rouge?

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