1. Cool Hey Everybody Awesome Place to Hang out!

    Hey everybody, Ok so I've been looking for a cool place to hang out with my jeep ever since I got it and I think I've found my new hang out. I know this is my first post but hey, check this out. So, it was hosted by a company called Clarehorn.com…Idk I guess they’re a fairly new group of guys. But the jeep show was cool they gave the winner of the coolest ride $50 bucks! I didn’t win but it would’ve been pretty cool if I did, I guess they do this type of giveaway all the time. And Not only did they give $50 bucks to the winner they also had other $1 raffles that anyone could participate in. Plus they are giving away a 2door jeep Rubicon and an unlimited Rubicon Those tickets are a bit pricier but who cares, I think its worth, win a Rubi for $200 bucks! Plus there’s only 300 tickets available for each jeep! I already have a jeep but Who cares, I wouldn't mind having 2! so, I bought a ticket for each jeep lol… who knows maybe I'll win them both! Ya’ll should check the next one out they said they’re having one at Waxy O’Conner’s Irish Pub This coming Thursday.. Dude! a pub and jeep show? Count me in lol

    So I went to their website I guess they have a few giveaways

    Hey Everybody Awesome Place to Hang out!-unnamed.jpg

    This is One of the Jeeps they're giving away
    For anybody who’s interested, and in the area, in going they start around 1600 (4:00pm) on Thursday the 25th in the parking lot of Waxy O'Conner's 94 Hartwell Ave Lexington, MA 02421.
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