1. Front End Shimmy... Springfield

    2004 Wrangler 4 cyl. 5 spd.
    No lifts or lowered.
    Non stock wheels
    Non oversized tires.

    At 52 mph I get a violent death wobble. I have rotated and balanced the tires, aligned the front end, had the entire front end inspected at a shop, changed the torsion shock in front, changed the shocks etc. etc. The death wobble returns.

    Does anyone have a suggestion or a shop they recommend in the Springfield, Mo. area?

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    All too familiar with the "Death Shake" as I called it. But not without lift, tires, etc. You could try tightening the track bar components and see if that helps. After over a year of trying to fix it that is the one thing that finally helped.
    Good luck!


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