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    68 cj front brake shoes

    Hi everyone 68cj5 here. First I want to say thanks for the help with the earlier post on the brake adjustment issue. Now here is another one, that I have run into on this jeep. I am in the process of replacing the front hub seals that started leaking, I got new front and rear brake shoes, drums and hardware, the shoes are the same for both axels however instead of being the short - long shoe sets they are both long shoe. Is this going to cause any issues with the way they work, I have checked the Haynes manual that I have but it doesn't give much information. I know that the older ones use the long shoes on the front. Could they have been changed to the short - long style for some reason or do I have the wrong shoes for a 68 cj5. Have changed a lot of brake shoes on other vehicles but have not run into the front axel having both shoes the same on each side. What are your thoughts. Thanks

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    Re: 68 cj front brake shoes

    Never seen any the same size on both sides of the drum, I'd head to the parts store and check some other boxes.

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