1. Any nice trails in north new jersey or upstate ny

    What's up guys I just got a 95 yj and put 33s with a 2" lift...anyone know of some trail where I can get her dirty...I'm also kinda new to off roaring so I don't have winch nor do I want to get to crazy

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    Re: Any nice trails in north new jersey or upstate ny

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    I've moved your post to our New Jersey section - hopefully you'll get more responses here.
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  3. Re: Any nice trails in north new jersey or upstate ny

    There are supposedly some nice trails up near Mahwah. I've only seen them online, Stag Hill is the area. Punch up Stag Hill on You Tube.
    For something a little further of a ride check out Wharton. down in the Pinelands. Really nice.
    Check out some NJ Jeep forums. There's always some people going out wheeling. Don't go by yourself, you could get stuck.
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