1. Im Dan and im new to the jeep world

    I understand the basics, but Im thinking of makeing my 1997 jeep wrangler with 140,000 miles on it alot nicer, suspension, lift kit, lights, the whole 9 yards but some of my friends think im wasting my money. Im torn etween the two any advice?

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    Re: Im Dan and im new to the jeep world

    Welcome to the Z.

    Your friends are wrong. Jeeps, as opposed to most other vehicles, do pretty well to hold their value. Modifications, especially those that improve appearance as much as a lift and larger tires, generally help a jeep hold its value.

    While you would never regain the money spent on mods should you sell the jeep, modifying it isn't any more a waste of money as modifying any other type of vehicle.

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    Re: Im Dan and im new to the jeep world

    i think your friends are just jealous because they dont have a jeep i my self own a 1998 TJ with 137256 miles and i've put in about 3 grand and i dont regret any of it

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    Re: Im Dan and im new to the jeep world

    Yea i think im going to start doing stuff to it i just dont know where to start

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