1. New Jeep Owner in S Fla

    Hi All...

    Just bought my first Jeep-it's a 91 YJ 2.5. Lease was up on my old ride, and thought I'd buy someting inexpensive. I've always been intrested in a Jeep, so that's how I ended up with this. Don't know if I'm regretting it or not.

    It's got some issues that I did not realize when I bought it. First, it has rust issues in the rocker panels and floorboards. The rocker panels do not bother me so much, but I am worried abouth the floorboards. The rust is in back of the driver's seat, right where the seatbelt bolts into the floor. Suggestions on repairing it are appreciated.

    Second, the person who owned it before me put different seats in. I bought seats off of e-bay that came out of a Sahara, but the bolt holes do not line up on the passenger riser. The driver's riser does not appear to be OEM, but something fabricated for these seats.

    Third, the bolt holes in the floor pan for the seats have some cracks in them. Actually it's the floor pan that has cracks around the holes. Again, any suggestions are appreciated.

    Anyway, hope to hear from all of you soon. I'm looking forward to being part of this.

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    Re: New Jeep Owner in S Fla

    Welcome to Jeepz.. If the rust on the floor pan bothers you, you can replace just about any panels on a YJ. It would be better if you have access to a MIG welder or have a friend that has one. If the rust spots aren't so bad then a simple patch work should do it. As for the seat risers, i dont think that the TJ and YJ seats are interchangeable without any modifications involved. Check out Quadratech for panel replacements if you go that route.
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    Re: New Jeep Owner in S Fla

    As I said, the rocker panel rust does not bother me so much. The floorboard does, especially around the seatbelt anchor. Seems like a safety issue to me. Looked at Quadratech, e-bay, other places for floorboards. They are cheap-around $35 each. But they are listed as front floor pans. Will they reach behind the front seat?

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    Re: New Jeep Owner in S Fla

    From the looks of it, it doesn't look like it. Try giving them a call and ask them .They might be using a generic picture on the catalog.
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