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  1. I'm back!

    Hey guys, almost 6 years after selling my first jeep (95YJ, loved it...what a huge mistake to let it go), I have finally acquired another one. Just purchased a 98TJ last weekend and could not be more thrilled to be once again a jeep owner. Playing with this new toy this week has been awesome.

    Basically since selling my last jeep I joined the air force and have been stationed overseas for the past 5 years, with little to no access to obtain another jeep. Luckily one of my friends that is soon to PCS told me he was selling his TJ and I ended up buying it off him for a song ($3500).

    For the most part, its bone stock and a 4 banger , but hey its a jeep! Sadly I'm leaving for a 6 month stint to Iraq in 3 weeks so I won't have a lot of time to play with it until I get back, but when I do its getting a 4 inch suspension lift and some 33's. Gonna round it out with some new bumpers and a nice big winch on the front.

    Anyway, I'm stationed in Germany, at Ramstein AB and looking for jeeper's in the area that like to wheel and maybe could show me around to find some great trails.

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    Welcome back! Congrats on your jeep purchase. Goodluck on your 6 month Iraq tour , hope you come home safe.

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    Re: I'm back!

    Welcome back into the fold :)
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    Welcome back!! Be safe..
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    Welcome back :)

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    Re: I'm back!

    Thank you for definding our country,

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