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    Hello from Maine!

    This is my first time posting so Hi all Jeepers! I'm a 57 year young native Mainah! This is my first Wrangler and I love it! Had a '99 Cherokee that was totalled in an accident this summer. I loved my Cherokee but I have totally fallen in love with my TJ Sport, Lil Sherman!

    I tend to be outspoken and independent so if you don't want to hear the answer... don't ask the question

    My Dad was an avid hunter and trapper and used to take me out with him hunting and checking trap lines and I have the same love of the outdoors. I've driven 4x4's most of my adult life and this is my 3rd Jeep. I love kayaking and like to head out early in the morning when nature is waking up. Have awesome photos of an eagle eating a duck for breakfast! What a gift that was! I like hiking and camping and 4-wheelin around this great state of Maine. When everything shuts down in major snow storms, I head out to play!

    I didn't realize that there is a whole Wrangler/CJ culture here. Driving down the road and meet another Wrangler and 9 out of 10 drivers wave It's awesome!

    I'm looking forward to meeting other Jeep lovers here and learning more about them and their Jeeps!
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    Re: Hello from Maine!

    Nice Jeep. Welcome aboard.

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    Re: Hello from Maine!

    Welcome to the Z!

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    Re: Hello from Maine!

    Thanks guys it's great to be here! I've learned a lot about the Wranglers here on this forum and really like that if I have questions someone will have an answer.

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    Re: Hello from Maine!

    Welcome, tj's rock

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    Re: Hello from Maine!

    Thanks! I love my '98!

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