1. Greetings from Eastern Ohio!

    Hello all. My name's Ric and I go by Bruin52. I own a '95 Cherokee and love every minute with it No mods yet. I reside in Eastern Ohio near Wheeling, WV. My Cherokee is my first Jeep but there may be a little J10 on the way! I served eight years in the Marine Corps from '95-'03 and served in Iraq. I was a member of Ford Truck Enthusiasts where I was a moderator for the Ohio Region Forums. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you here online and hope to see you on the trails. Thanks for having me.

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    Hey Ric I am from North West Ohio but reside in Dayton at the current moment. No mods on my 08 JGC but I will get there eventually. Know any good places to play around in southern Ohio?

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    Re: Greetings from Eastern Ohio!

    I do not know of any at this time but I do have a good buddy who's from just outside of Lancaster and is living in Chilicothe now. I'll get in touch with him and see what he knows. Also, the best thing would be to make a post in the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky chapters inquiring places to wheel in the border area as you're not too far from those states. I'll be in Franklin Sept. 10th and 11th, how far is that from you?

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    I am only about 30 mins from Franklin. What are you doing in Franklin then? I didn't even realize there were different threads for different states.

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    Re: Greetings from Eastern Ohio!

    Craig Morgan's playing in Franklin on Sept. 10th. We're going to make the drive and get a room for the night and drive back sunday the 11th. If you go to the main page and scroll down to the bottom there should be the region and state forums. There may already be threads and posts already there about places to go wheeling.

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