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    Growing up my dad sand dragged. He always used jeep and Toyotas. And in 2005 we had a new jeep that we took to work a 45 minute drive. He then sold it to my sis that now drives it up and down California's coast for her job. Both of them tell me never get a jeep. Yet she will not sale it to me for the world and my dad just hated changing the tiers. I'd like a new jeep. I know il fit being 6' and I know how jeeps ride...like a jeep. But is the any thing I should know before jumping in to this

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    Welcome to Jeepz.com Baker.

    If you just want a comfortable commuter car that will be looked on as "just transportation" then your family may be right that a Jeep isn't the best choice. However, there are so many things that a Jeep does well (cruising with the top down, trail riding, etc) that the pluses blow the negatives away (in my mind at least).

    What are you looking for in a Jeep? Something cheap (Jeeps hold the value pretty well, which means you'll probably pay more than expected), or something that will be dependable? Whats your budget?
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    I'm at the time in my life that I'd like to go fishing and drive not walk to the water or drive on the sand at the beach not look at it from the parking lot. My wife likes to go places and I d like to do that out doors. Plus you can't get the same out doors fill in a scion xb that you can in a jeep with the roof and doors off. But I don't want to get a car that I'm always working on or having problems with I think would be my question. Is a jeep going to nicole and dime me to death?

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    Welcome to the site

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  5. I have had a 97 jeep wrangler for two years with absolutely no problems but another thing your going to want to look at is gas mileage especially if you plan on putting on over tiers What year or model where you planing on getting?

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    Welcome and enjoy the forum!
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    Welcome to the site... Yes get a Jeep!

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    For offroading nothing beats a jeep. Period!

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    Offroad nothing beats a jeep! Period!

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