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    kinda new to forum

    I'm not really new to the forum I just haven't been on in a long time and couldn't remember my log in information so I just started a new account. I live in salt lake city. I use to have a tj and xj when I use to use the forum 4 or 5 years ago. I purchased a 2009 wrangler jk x model not too long ago. It only had 40k miles on it when I bought it so I thought it was a way good deal. Unfortunately the only bad thing about it is that it has 3.21 gear ratio so this will be a slow build, but that's alright cause I want this jeep to last me many years. When i purchased it it already had a winch and an exhaust system and new tires(still stock size though). I wanted to buy a jeep as completely stock as I could find and build it myself cause I didn't want there to be some underlying issue no one knew about that will cause the whole jeep to pretty much crap out which was the problem with my last few jeep purchases. Since I got the jeep I have taken off the foot side steps and some decals and added a teraflex leveling kit and some skyjacker hydro 7000 shocks that I installed myself.I'm Trying to learn how to do all my jeep repairs myself just in case I ever break down on the trail. Anyways, great to be back to this forum and here's a few pictures from when I finished putting on my leveling kit and shocks and a few photos from 2015 easter jeep safari I took it out on Fins N Things trail. Hope I see all the old familiar people that were great help and meet some new cool people.

    kinda new to forum-20150310_192023.jpg
    kinda new to forum-20150404_155916.jpg
    for some reason it would only let me post two pictures. I'll post more pictures and videos from jeep safari in the replies if people are interested.

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    Re: kinda new to forum

    back and enjoy the forum!
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    Re: kinda new to forum

    Welcome - I'd love to see pictures from Jeep safari. I've never been myself.

    I like the idea of buying an all stock Jeep and build it up. You get a vehicle that isn't too ragged out that way.

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    Re: kinda new to forum

    Jeep safari is a great experience if you ever get the chance to go. Whether you're actually in the jeep safari or not you can still go out on the trails which is great and there is so much going on in town and a lot of friendly people it really makes for a good time. Pictures and videos do not give these trails any justice; all the steps and holes and rocks and ledges are all so much bigger in person. I almost didn't believe my jeep would make up some of the things even though the trail guide says stock jeeps can do fins n things trail, but there way no way turning back and I was way impressed of the capabilities of my mostly stock jeep. This was my first time doing any kind of offroading in it too. haha.
    Attachment 20563
    Attachment 20564
    ^Didn't matter if you took the bypass or main way this part was pretty rough.
    Attachment 20565
    Attachment 20566
    ^watched a guy in what looked like a Toyota crawler go up.
    kinda new to forum-jeepz4.jpg
    ^checking out what was on top of the hill before we went up.
    kinda new to forum-jeepz5.jpg
    some of the best views in the world.
    kinda new to forum-jeepz-6.jpg
    ^if you follow the trail you can see it going all through the slickrock hills, and even some people hanging out with their rigs on top of that hill way down there.

    I have some videos too of the some of the obstacles I don't have pictures of that once I edit them I'll post them.

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    Re: kinda new to forum

    The Safari country looks like great Jeeping land. I'm thinking about going next year.

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    Nice jeep you have there! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtremeadventurer View Post
    Nice jeep you have there! :)

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