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    A new Jeep owner anyday now...

    Iíve wanted a Jeep for as long as I can remember but something always got in the way of me owning one. Iím in the process of picking out a jk unlimited now. Got my financing all approved Iíve just been shopping for the right one. Iím looking in the 2010-2011 20k or less. Iíve been looking for about three weeks but hadnít found the right one yet. Got two more to go look at today. A black 2011 and a 2011 mountain edition thatís a green color I really like. Only problem with the mountain edition is after looking at pictures for two days I just realized last night it had half doors. So thatís why I ended up here. I already drove myself crazy deciding between hard top and soft top. I actually like the looks of the half doors. Just seems like it would be smarter to get something with full doors now and get some half doors later. Ugh!

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    Re: A new Jeep owner anyday now...

    Congrats on becoming a Jeep owner soon! I love the idea of half doors but I think you'd probably be happier with full and then just take them off completely when you want. I thought about buying half but they are pretty expensive so I just went with some tube doors but now i don't even use those. I love driving doorless and most of the summer I run with no doors, no windows and top up to keep the sun off of me. Welcome to Jeepz!

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    Re: A new Jeep owner anyday now...

    Well I did end up getting a 2010 rubicon. Hard top. Full doors. I’ve had it almost 24 hours and just got home from work and both front axle seals are leaking. I felt like throwing up. I owe 15k and I can’t drive it. Thank god I have a 6 month/4500 miles warranty on engine/transmission/transfercase/and differentials. I’ve called the dealership. They have swore they will make it right. Ugh!! Just sucks. I’m going to have it towed back Saturday. It’s a huge job doing the front diff seals so I expect it to be atleast midweek next week before I get it back. Damn it!!

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    Re: A new Jeep owner anyday now...

    Well I just dropped it off at the dealership via rollback. :-(

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    Re: A new Jeep owner anyday now...

    and enjoy the forum!
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