1. Decided to stop lurking.


    Picked up an 88 YJ last month. I spent a bunch of time wrenching on it lately.

    Decided to stop lurking.-elkvgbz.jpgDecided to stop lurking.-j6pdoun.jpg

    It has the 4.2l and a turbo 350 transmission right now.

    It started out as a 4cyl 5 speed so there was a lot of frankenstein electrical stuff going on so I rewired it.

    Decided to stop lurking.-qjtrzzo.jpg

    bye bye ecu

    Decided to stop lurking.-dmhquye.jpg

    Once that was taken car of I started in on the interior. Its over 30 years old and there is absolutely NO rust so I thought a spray in bed liner would be cool.

    Decided to stop lurking.-kzrkg7w.jpg

    It turned out pretty nice.

    Decided to stop lurking.-zeedwd9.jpg

    Some gauges and other electronic bits and switches to sort out yet.

    Decided to stop lurking.-qn710cw.jpg

    I've added some better headlights as well.
    Decided to stop lurking.-rn2dfij.jpg

    After the rewiring and bed liner I was really excited to drive it but there was a grinding noise coming from somewhere underneath.
    I put it up on jack stands and was able to determine it was coming from the front right with 4WH/4WL engaged. After I got the right side
    taken apart I found a ton of old mud and gear oil packed in between the front axles/axle tubes. So now I'm just waiting on parts to arrive so I can rebuild the front end.

    Also, when I was taking the roll bar out most I found that most of the nuts welded into the windshield frame have popped. Which is nice.
    I'm assuming the best way to deal with that is to buy a whole new frame? I have some pod lights I really want to put on. And the mounts for the rear view mirrors as well.

    Anyway, I've learned a lot creeping around on this forum. This is my first jeep so I've had lots of questions. My jeep knowledge is pretty thin but I know a good bit about taking things apart and putting them back together.

    Thanks for reading.

    PS> anyone around the Wiregrass in southern AL know where I can get my hands on a manual trans? I have a sweet 3 speed auto for trade, or ya know, money.
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    Re: Decided to stop lurking.

    Welcome to Jeepz.com! I really like the hard upper doors - I wish I had a pair of those.

    That electrical work looks like a beast - good job getting that under control.
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    Re: Decided to stop lurking.

    Welcome @ryno....great job on the jeep and saving the squares!

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    Re: Decided to stop lurking.

    Welcom to the forum!

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